Janeen E Fortunato Photo

Janeen E Fortunato

Age: 63

Date of Death: December 19, 2017

Phillipsburg, NJ

Janeen Elizabeth Fortunato died on December 19, 2017 at the age of 63. Janeen was born December 27, 1953 in Somerville, NJ, to Robert and Cicely MacDonald. She also has 5 siblings, Robert, Russell, Lee, Kiralie, and Terry. Janeen lived with her boyfriend, Mike Marinelli, and they were happily and optimistically making plans for their future. Janeen is survived by her two children, Anthony Joseph and Sara Elizabeth. Janeen was also the very proud grandmother to three children, Johnathon, 12, Emma, 5, and Bella, 2. Janeen passed unexpectedly but fortunately had the privilege of being surrounded by her daughter and her closest friends and family at the moment of her death. Janeen was an amazing Mother, who selflessly gave every part of herself for the sake of her children. She was consistent and steadfast, the true backbone of the family. The greatest light in her life came with the birth of her grandchildren. She absolutely adored her grandchildren and was an integral part of her daughters family. She was relied upon for so much and Janeen preferred it that way. She loved to be needed and was always trying to be of service to those she loved. Janeen was best of friends with her daughter Sara, and the children loved being with her. Her children, friends, and family could always count on her support when it was needed most. Janeen will be gravely missed by her daughter, grandchildren, siblings, and friends. Her absence has created a infinite black hole for all of those who were fortunate enough to know Janeen. Her legacy and story will live on through her daughter, Sara and her three grandchildren, whos lives have been so positively impacted by her selflessness and unconditional love. May her soul rest in peace and may peace be found in the hearts of those grieving her.