Ilse T Jackson Photo

Ilse T Jackson

Age: 94

Date of Death: December 24, 2020

Cliffside Park, NJ

Ilse July 9, 1926 - December 24, 2020 on Christmas Eve In Loving Memory In Loving Memory of my Beautiful and Elegant Mother, she was a loving, caring and always encouraging person to me. Christmas Eve was my mother's favorite Holiday and the Christmas Season her most loved time of the year. She loved her friends and family, and loved to cook her scrumptiously delicious meals and bake her fabulous deserts. A fantastic, generous, warm and welcoming hostess. I learned so much from my mother. She had her own chic style unique onto herself and never worried what others thought this, it was her signature, a style that was natural to her and done effortlessly and with gracefulness and femininity. My mother loved to decorate the home and set a fabulous table. She created and sewed her wonderful outfits, beautiful fashions to her own liking (and created many different things through out her life, since she was a young girl). It was important to her on how you appear every day at home and out in the world, this was always an important lesson taught by example. She was taught this from her mother. Keeping up standards was stressed and this was second nature, and was kept up until the very end. She was dressed elegantly always, and when going out she wore her fabulous hats. My mother was born in area of Nordenham, Germany by the North sea, just below Denmark. Her older brother Paul just passed away sadly 6 weeks and a day before my mother passed away 2020. Her younger sister Inga, her mother Antonia and her father Karl Gasmmann are all gone too many years ago. My father, and my mother's husband Raul Jackson an American Service man a Veteran of three foreign Wars (World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War) he was both in the army during World War II, then in the Navy through most of his working life he was an officer and always served his country honorably, he passed away in 1994. My mother was a widow. They met fell in love and married after the war in Germany and he brought her to the US where she became an American citizen. They lived in New York City where my mother started to work as a Fashion Model at different fashion houses and different designers doing shows runway and print. I was born a twin but my twin sister died "Adriana" was her name. Life went to different locations here and overseas but always back to NYC or the Hudson River area. The Hudson River reminded my mother of the Wisa river in Germany, and the North Sea which she loved to look at endlessly deep in thought. She will be missed by family and friends in Germany, Switzerland, Europe and by her good friends here, and friends that are like family that she loved very much, they know who they are. I am heartbroken at the loss of my magnificent loving mother "Mutti" in German we were close we talked about so many things and laughed she liked her radio and the news, her mind was sharp and clear and very insightful at 94 years old. Atmosphere at home was a cozyniess and warm