Elya  Safonova Photo

Elya Safonova

Age: 84

Date of Death: April 12, 2020


"On April 12, 2020, Mrs. Elya Safonova passed away peacefully in her sleep after a short fight with a lung cancer or due to COVID-19 (doctors did not perform a test to r/o this virus). She was 84 years old, born in Ukraine, city of Dneprodzerginsk. She was survived by two daughters, a son-in-law, two grandsons and a granddaughter. We all miss you dearly Mamochka! You always will be in our thoughts, despite your absence from our daily lives. Missing you every day since you were stolen from us is painful, we wish you were always here. When a Mom dies, her kids are no longer whole, a Mom is irreplaceable for children, regardless of kids age... We want you to know that you are missed more than words could ever say, Mom."