Dianne  Morgan Photo

Dianne Morgan

Age: 72

Date of Death: July 25, 2020

Haine City, FL

Dianne Morgan, daughter of Ernest Guy Sears and Sarah Curry Sears, sister of Earnest Patrick Sears, is survived by her husband Dalton Morgan, her daughters Stephanie Gill and Kathy Miller, her granddaughter Stephanie Watson, and her grandsons Bobby Harper, Robert Harper, and Kyle Harper. She is also survived by eight great-grandchildren.\nDianne was a sign painter for the advertising industry. She did hand lettering as well as gold leaf and silver leaf work. She had a bachelor's degree. She loved the outdoors and nature. She was always giving of her time and of herself to her family, friends and loved ones. She will be cherished always and forever. We were all blessed to have her on this Earth and in our lives.\nAs her husband I can tell you that we were together for 41 years, married 37. Her ashes were returned to me on our 38th wedding anniversary so she joined me again for one last celebration. She has my heart with her always.