Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is an affordable and dignified alternative to traditional funeral services. The process entails cremation of the remains in the days following death, without a formal funeral service. Direct cremation offers a streamlined and economical option that not only provides a tremendous amount of cost savings, but also the flexibility to determine the placement of remains, either above, or below ground, or to be scattered in a significant location to the deceased by their family and loved ones.

Once the cremation process is completed the remains are shipped via express shipping through the United States Postal Service. We also offer pick-up of the remains in person and provide many inexpensive options for urns, cremation jewelry and other vessels to preserve or scatter the remains of your family and loved ones. Memorial services can be scheduled at a later date when convenient for the family.

Apyre National Cremation Services provides the most cost effective and highest quality direct cremations in the industry. Our experienced team of professionals, along with our seamless electronic proprietary platform, allows us to serve your needs in the most efficient manner, saving you time and money with the highest level of quality service in full compliance with all State rules and regulations.

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For me and my family this was the worst of times, but the services received by Apyre were PERFECT.
- George Kay, Monroe Twp., NJ