Honoring the Environment: Eco-friendly Cremation Options

More people are choosing to replace traditional fire-based cremation with a more sustainable and eco-friendly method. Learn the benefits of honoring the environment through eco-friendly cremation options that exist for those looking for an environmentally responsible way to honor their loved one's passing

What Harm Does Traditional Cremation Cause to the Environment?

Traditional cremation produces greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. These emissions are harmful to the environment and contribute to global warming.

Furthermore, traditional cremations use large amounts of energy to reach the high temperatures the process requires. Finally, depending on the condition of the body (such as whether it contains implanted medical devices or mercury tooth fillings), traditional cremations can emit a variety of pollutants into the air, such as dioxins and mercury.

What Is Eco-friendly Cremation?

Eco-friendly cremation, sometimes referred to as green cremation or water-based cremation, is a modern alternative to traditional fire-based cremation. Instead of using high-temperature flames to reduce the body to ash, eco-friendly cremations use alkaline hydrolysis.

Alkaline hydrolysis, also known as resomation, bio-cremation, or aquamation, uses a combination of pressure, water, and lye to break down the body’s cells into their base elements. This method is typically faster than traditional cremation and uses less energy.

What Happens to the Water Used in Aquamation?

Once the process is complete and the body has been reduced to liquid and easily crushed bone, any remaining water used in the aquamation is filtered. The bone is crushed and returned to the family, while the filtered liquid is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. The liquid does not contain any harmful substances and can be safely released into municipal sewage systems or local bodies of water.

What Other Kinds of Eco-Friendly Cremation Options Are Available?

In addition to green cremations, there are several other eco-friendly options available for the disposal of a deceased person’s body.

For families and religious traditions that don’t accept aquamation, direct cremation is an eco-friendly alternative. With direct cremation, the remains are collected and cremated immediately, with no embalming and usually no casket other than a cardboard box if desired. This results in fewer toxins being released into the environment through air pollution or the scattering of ashes.

Benefits of Eco-friendly Cremation

Eco-friendly cremation offers many benefits over traditional fire-based cremations. It is better for the environment as it produces fewer pollutants, uses less energy, and causes less damage to the ozone layer. Additionally, eco-friendly cremations are often more affordable, as they require less energy and time.

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