The Apyre Way.
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*Full service, no-contact, direct cremation in New Jersey, NJ, Delaware, DE, Florida, FL, Indiana, IN, West Virginia, WV, and Pennsylvania, PA. Our service fee of $595.00 covers funeral director and staff. Price does not include crematory fee, mileage, filing fees, death certificates, or other additions or upgrades. Mandatory fees vary by area. Please contact 855-812-7973 (855-81-APYRE®) for an exact price quote.

Direct cremation in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia and Florida.


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A simpler way.

What could be more stressful, more trying, than losing a loved one? The last thing you and your family needs is more stress. Are we right?

At Apyre® National Cremation Services (or ApyreNCS®, or simply, Apyre®), we take a whole new approach to direct cremation services: simplicity.

Since 2016, we’ve taken direct cremation into the digital age. Our seamless, secure, proprietary platform takes the stress out of making final arrangements. With a single brief phone call, we spring into action to handle everything for you. The necessary documents are automatically generated and sent to your email for your digital signature. No trips to our offices. No time or energy taken away from what's truly important.

From the first call we compile all pertinent information and immediately dispatch a team member to the place of passing; whether your loved one is in New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, West Virginia, Indiana or Pennsylvania. Within minutes we are working on getting the death certificate completed and certified, compiling the necessary local and state filing documentation and notifying social security. Once the cremation is scheduled and the death certificates are ordered, everything is ready for pick up or shipping within 4-6 days.

You'll be updated by text or email, every step of the way.

It’s that simple.

Our caring and professional staff is available 24 hours a day.

They're experts. Fully committed to making a challenging time a whole lot easier.

And ultimately, to be sure that everything is perfect, each and every case is personally handled by our managing funeral director, Peter Chubenko. Peter is as warm and friendly as he is knowlegable. Many would say 'the best in the biz.' And we would have to agree.

Too good to be true? Just take a look at some of our customer reviews:


Peter was amazingly kind and empathic with the loss of my mom. In one phone call, he took care of EVERYTHING, in what I was dreading was going to be a complicated, tedious and confusing process. And in a time of grief, with all its unexpected expenses, I could believe all the services I was getting at such a fair price. It was heartwarming to know I was not taken advantage during my most vulnerable time. I do not think Peter sleeps :) as he was at my beck and call every minute, morning noon and night, to help or answer any questions. THANK YOU PETER AND APYRE a


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A cheaper way.

Sure, the cost of our service is substantially lower than our competition. But is cheap really the right word? We don't think so.

You’ll find that the only thing cheap about us is our price. We strive to provide top-notch direct cremation services to fit any budget, never sacrificing customer satisfaction, no matter how low our prices are. We take pride in our attention to our customers' needs. In fact, we've built our brand on it.

Our no-pressure approach to handling your needs has made us one of the largest, most respected and lowest cost direct cremation services in the industry.

So, go ahead, call us cheap, if you must. And we'll continue to deliver the gold standard of direct cremation.


What a God send! Our mother passed away suddenly at our home. The hospice nurse needed to know what plans were made for her remains. This was at 1:30 am. We had spoken previously to 3 funeral homes. We felt that each one was more interested in "up-selling" services than in actually taking care of our mother. Desperate, I went online q found this service. Pete Chubenko returned my call immediately. We arranged for our mother's transportation, cremation, death certificates, etc. All within 20 - 30 minutes and at a price that I still can't believe. Our mother was transported less than 2 hours later. Pete followed up through phone and email and we received our mother's ashes less than a week later. I would definitely use this service again and our entire family are grateful!


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The gold standard in online direct cremation services.

from Latin pyra , from Greek pura hearth, from pur fire. As a funeral pyre.

A better way.

In the past, making final arrangements for yourself or loved ones could be a daunting task. That’s why we set out to change the industry.

Through years of experience and attention to customers’ needs, we revolutionized direct cremation. All to provide you with one thing: peace of mind.

Losing a loved one is never easy. With Apyre®, sending them off with pride, dignity and reverence, is.

Give us a call, or check us out on Instagram, and let us show you why The Apyre Way™ is the better way.


My father passed away, and I already had researched Apyre a few years ago, checking their history with the BBB and Consumer Affairs. When the time came, Peter was incredibly helpful, and the process was no muss, no fuss. Just what I needed at this stressful time. There were no high pressure sales initiated. He was understanding, well spoken and incredibly easy to work with. I HIGHLY recommend Apyre.

- Gabriele Lazzaro, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

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The Apyre Way.™

New Jersey. Pennsylvania. Delaware. Indiana. West Virginia. Florida.

Did you know that the majority of Americans now choose cremation over a traditional burial?

We're not surprised. Cremation offers more options, such as multiple scattering sites, co-burial with loved ones, and, with no need for embalming, it's cheaper and better for the environment.

But when it comes to direct cremation, that is, cremation without a formal ceremony, all options are not equal.

At ApyreNCS®, we pride ourself on providing the best service for the lowest cost. Join the thousands of wonderful families who have entrusted their loved ones into our care and let our compassionate, professional staff take care of everything, so you can focus on what's important.

We serve many communities in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, and Florida, such as Summit, NJ, Keyport, NJ, Reading, PA, Philadelphia, PA , Fort Myers, FL , and Davenport, FL, to name a few.

We have also added service to the areas of Louisville, KY and Cinninatti, OH!